University Project
In collaboration with Brose AG

Das Blatt is the resulting concept of a project having as main theme the Smart Mobility District in 2030 and supported by BROSE AG, a german company specialized in automation and production of automotive parts and components. 

Das Blatt is a pavilion which provides constantly informations about activities, events and services within a given district in real time. It is designed to be a public work which can be used free of charge by everyone.
Its formal appearance remind to the shape of a carefully folded sheet - which refers to the archetype of the newspaper in its most common form.
It consists mainly of an exterior and an internal facade builded around a bended steel structure. 

The first facade shows continuously informations about services, events and activities that take place in a particular district.
On the internal facade it is possible to interact with the pavilion itself, inserting personal announcements, requests and job offers which will then projected onto the external façade, thus allowing the user to personally contribute actively to the life of the neighborhood.

It wants, in a deliberately provocative manner, to highlight the centrality and monumentality that the BIG DATA have assumed on a civic level, while on an abstract level it wants to represent the centripetal attraction capacity of digital information in our daily life.

Das Blatt provides citizens and tourists the widest possible spectrum of information about the urban context in which they are  located, attempting at the same time to enhance a communication and information exchange which otherwise would only take place on a private level.  

Part subdivision

1 - The monitors
2 - The primary frame
3 - The outside glass
4 - The inside glass
5 - The interactive surfaces
6 - The light stripe
7 - The secundary frame and bottom monitors

The concept is heavily loaded with a provocative component.
It tries to explore the needs of the modern human being and to define its own dimension.
The aim of this concept is to highlight the conflicts and problems that are created on a personal level in a hyper-connected society, while at the same time highlighting the advantages and possibilities that paradoxically entails.