Dear Mankind is a 5 Episode Comedy Serie. The year 2062: Astronaut Jan is on asteroid watch. His mission is to patrol the Earth's orbit. It seems like a chore, an easy task. He is bored out of his minds. But something goes wrong, when an asteroid appears.
Accompanied by the artificial intelligence Dora, Jan will have to face a somewhat unexpected situation...

The fisrt Episode was completed at the end of 2016. Since than,
in the last two years, Dearmankind was selected and screened in several festival and won various awards. 

I was in charge for the concept, the design, the visualisation and for the construction of the capsule in which the action mostly takes place. 

Directed by: Woitek Konzal

Produced by: Woitek Konzal &                     Floris Asche
Art Direction: Florian Wolf
Builder: Kito Colchester
Kamera: Michael Schneider
Additional Kamera: Malte Siepen
Costume Designer: Lea Schneider
Post Production: Bernhard Näther Motion Graphic: Harald Weyland 3D:Alexander Bley


Making Of und Construction

Making Of und construction plans for the kitchen.

The Shooting

The first Episode