"How does our past, and how we record it, affect our present and future?". Sankofa is a sci-fi featured film wrapped around a documentary about memory that explores ideas of how the past determines our present moment.
The story follows a woman on a mission to recover the history of the human race. Along the way she makes discoveries, including a crate of objects from earth, one of which is a documentary about the nature of memory and remembering.
As she inspects these relics she begins to question her mission.
The documentary follows different individuals and their interaction with memory and the moment - the abstract and concrete. Looking through the eyes of a photographer, child, architect, filmmaker and others - the film asks, "How does our past, and how we record it, affect our present and future?".

Screening (so long):

2015 - OFFICIAL SELECTION )STIFF (Seattle Trans & Indipendent Film Festival)

Directed by: Kaleb Wentzel-Fischer
Regieassistentin: Martina Chamrad
Written by: Eli Wentzel-Fischer
Produced by: Mollyaida
Original score: Mekonin
Graphic Design: Yugodrom
Szenebildner: Geschwistergeschwister
Costume Designer: Laila Cola Weeks
Sound Design: Ludwig Bestehorn

The Trailer

Set construction

The 1:50 scale model of the Citizen Ship, builded with glowed medium-density fibreboard plates, by Kito Colchester and Tom Bonynge.

The digital model of the Archive Ship.

The digital model of the Cargo Ship.

The digital model of the Citizen Ship.