Television Programm
Agency: Wolfundlamm
Client: ZDF

Die Grosse Weltuntergangsshow, with Joko & Klaas.

I was asked to design the set for a one day television show.

The sources of inspiration were mainly The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari with a touch of Metropolis, expressionistic paintings, Cubism combined with the gloomy and dreamy imaginative content of Max Beckmann's work. 

The whole form a cosy and inviting studio atmosphere where the two hosts, immerged in a post-apokalyptic, xpressionistic and film-noir-wise world, can indulge in reminiscences about our postmodern lives and disgress into philosophical discourses with their guests. 


I staged a grotesque 
and blurred scenery with high-contrast illumination, skewed furniture on a pure black and white appearence with collapsing perspectives.

Backwall illustrations

Final draft of the Set before the construction.